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Monday, 6 July 2015

Z is for ZOUNDS!

Always liked the word zounds; I like how it sounds. It is a mild oath indicating surprise, indignation, etc. It sounds very Shakespearean, and indeed, it does reportedly show up in Henry IV Part 1. Its first know use was in 1592, so the timing is right.

You may respond with that mild oath when I say that, as the cliché goes, all good things must come to an end. Denise, the doyenne of ABC Wednesday, and I have decided that ABC Wednesday should conclude, for a variety of reasons.

Now, the good news is that it won't take place until the end of Round 20, or four more trips through the alphabet.

We have discovered along this path that there are folks who participate in a round, then drop out for a bit. Others start a round, but don't complete it. I think we should take this as an opportunity to invite those folks to participate once again.

Or maybe you have friends who have THOUGHT about trying ABC Wednesday but have not. THIS would be a good time to start.

I thought to invite previous participants directly in a mass mailing - we have the emails from the Linky - but frankly, we'd rather that YOU invite some of your online friends, letting them know that we'll be doing this only another two years.

Not incidentally, we have hornswoggled Troy, who has done several of them to date, to create badges for rounds 18 and 20, and Gattina for Round 19. Here's the badge for Round 17:

We hope you'll stick around, invite friends and neighbors. If you want to join the team in visiting folks and/or writing the zephyr-like words of wisdom, please let me know at rogerogreen (at) gmail (dot) com.

Monday, 29 June 2015

The letter Y

Yogi was a yapping dog who would yap-yap loud and hard.
Yogi yip-yapped in the house, and he yip-yapped in the yard!

Yolanda had a yellow bird who would yodel her a song.
When Yolanda fed him yogurt, the bird yodeled all day long!

Now, here are two more popular y words. Come on and take a guess!
The answer is you, spelled y-o-u, and yes, spelled y-e-s!

I used all the words beginning with Y from my dictionary. I even used Dutch words beginning with IJ or ij. Now I am at the end of my imagination! Perhaps this? 



If you want to take part in the ABC Wednesday meme, please don't forget to mention this meme and mrs. Nesbitt's name, for she invented this meme more than 8 years ago. And the subject of your post must start with the letter of the week.

Thank you! 

Wil, ABCW Team


Monday, 22 June 2015


The letter x does not take up too much room in an English dictionary and in fact I have a pocket dictionary where it just manages to make a third of a page. Dr Samuel Johnson, famous for compiling one of the first English dictionary, did not even bother with an X entry saying there were no English words which began with the letter, but then he also disapproved of French words and even left out the world champagne.  I hope he included the word bubbly otherwise how would they have ordered it?  I idly wondered how many X words there would be in a modern average sized dictionary. The compliers say there will be about 120 but in a comprehensive, and larger, dictionary there would be around 400 which would include rare and obsolete words.  Plenty to choose from, but there does seem to be an inordinate number of words to do with wood.  So which of those 400 or so words will you be choosing this week?  Or perhaps you will go with flora and fauna which have more than a sprinkling of X words, especially that most mysterious of organisms, the lichen.

You are an inventive lot when we get the the more tricky letter of the alphabet so maybe there will be X formed in nature or in the urban landscape.  Sometimes one falls into your lap as it roams the highways and byways 
like this one I stopped behind at the traffic lights. 
Happy hunting.


Monday, 15 June 2015

W is for The Waltz.


I love the Waltz,  It is the most elegant of dances and the first ballroom dance I learned as a child.



Sadly, through the fifties and sixties ballroom dancing was replaced by The Jive, the twist, the shake etc.  This was a rebellion of youth and I feel, stated  'We don't want to dance like our parents, we want to do our own thing.'  Anyone who indulged in Ballroom dancing was considered 'square' !

Who can forget the immortal scene from the wonderful musical 'The King and I', where Anna, the governess to the king's children, teaches him to Waltz,  in readiness for a forthcoming ball to be held at The Imperial Palace.

There is a more obscure musical by Rogers and Sondheim called, 'Do I Hear a Waltz'.

The story line was about an unmarried American secretary of a certain age, goes on vacation to Venice, where she falls in love with a married man, who has no intention of ending his happy marriage and family life, to be with her.


'Might it be better than never having loved at all'?


The title song of the film was recorded by many famous American singers including Peggy Lee and Eydie Gorme.

 Sadly after several stagings and the film, it was never the success it was hoped to be. Such a shame as it had a good story line, fine actors and the greatest writers of all time.

Quite some time ago I was in a ladies choir and we used to sing many songs from the musicals including 'Do I Hear a Waltz?' I must confess to not knowing this song but our conductor had an uncanny knack of introducing us to quite a few obscure pieces which we grew to love, including this one !

We had a wonderful soloist called Edith who would sing 'Do I hear a Waltz'. She had a fine mezzo soprano voice and sang this song with such clarity and feeling that I often wondered if there was more to it than we knew, You see, Edith was a lady 'of a certain age' and had never married! We knew little of her private life as she was a very private person, who lived alone in a fine apartment with her much adored cat. Enrico.

I'd like you to read the lyrics of this most enchanting song and tell me if you hear a Waltz ?


Do I Hear a Waltz?


Do I hear a waltz
Very odd but true
There isn't a band
And I don't hear it at all.
Oh my Lord, there it goes again!
Why is nobody dancing in the street
Can't they hear the beat?
Magical, mystical miracle,
Can't it be?
Is it true?
Things are impossibly lyrical
Is it me?
No it's you!
I do hear a waltz
I see you and I hear a waltz-
It's what I've been waiting for all my life to hear a waltz
Do I hear a waltz?
Oh my dear don't you hear a waltz?
Such lovely Blue Danubey music
How can you be still?
You must hear a waltz
Even strangers are dancing now
An old lady is waltzing in her flat
WALTZING with her cat.
Roses are dancing with peonies,
yes it's true!
Don't you see?
Everything's Viennese,
Can't be you!
Must be me!
Do I hear a WALTZ:
I wan't you to share it 'cause
Oh boy, do I hear a WALTZ.

What I really wonder is.....

Did Edith hear her waltz and did she dance in her flat,
Waltz with her cat, ?

I heard my WALTZ when I had my first date with my husband Ian, I wasn't long divorced and had no intention of looking for somebody else. We went to our local WI Annual Christmas Dance, we had been introduced by mutual friends.. we chatted most of the night then,  the band struck up....would you believe, a WALTZ.. we danced all night and have been together now for 33 years...Yes........ and I still hear a WALTZ!

My apologies for such a long piece but I really couldn't leave anything out without telling the full story!
My sincere thanks to the WONDERFUL Denise for devising ABCW and the WORDSMITH Roger for his hard WORK in the admin of ABCW.